Global Mapper v25.0

Get the images collected in the field renamed with point feature

I've working on a solution with global mapper mobile that let me have a photo link with a point feature in GMM but I'm having trouble with using that information in the office.

How can I get all the photos collected in the field as a .jpg file named after the point that is associated with it?

Thanks in advance


  • If you're open to some different ways to solve that problem, see below to create a KMZ that references point numbers. I don't know if any of this is actually useful to you, but it sounds a little like you're doing what I do at work for survey field crews.

    Before the KMZ approach.... I remember that I was able to do this a few years ago with Irfanview, but I can't remember right now how to actually pull the name from a text file and use that to rename the photos. I guess I'll drop some clues here if you wanted to go look deeper, but sorry I can't remember how I actually did it.

    This is the part I don't to draw from a column to rename photos. But it's probably in the Irfanview docs.


    A.) You could export your photos to a KMZ file (with photos embedded), after copying the nearest point feature number over as an attribute: