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spatial operations question

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I have a bunch of layers of polygons that I'd like to combine based on a particular attribute. There's no scripting for just plain combining areas, so I was wondering if I could use a wildcard like "*" in a DEFINE_SPATIAL_OPERATION script for the "layer1" part of DISSOLVE("layer1",grouping:grouping) command?


  • JeffH@BMG
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    Hi JSL,

    As far as I can recall, there's no option to wildcard arguments to spatial operation script operations like 'dissolve', 'union', etc. I'm not working at Blue Marble any more, so I don't have access to the source code and therefore can't speak definitively, but I'm pretty sure that this recollection is correct. Anyways, The Dissolve operation takes a single layer operand; see the documentation on spatial operations transforms in the spatial operations scripting reference here:

    Simple way to check stuff like this out: Open up the Spatial Operations dialog in GM, and go to the scripting tab. You can then just type in spatial operations scripting commands, the same as are used in DEFINE_SPATIAL_OPERATION commands. If the syntax is incorrect, then the dialog will tell you what it thinks is wrong.



  • JSL
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    Thanks for your help!