Global Mapper v25.0

Assistance understanding LiDar Point Density using attached examples

I have attached a pdf

I have attached a pdf document with 3 lidar samples and their stats. I want to make sure I am understanding the data and how the statistics are read. In these examples the most dense (with most points and therefore best depiction of an area) would be the grey image. The one with the highest point density at 2454 /m2 even though it has a lower point cloud count correct?

The first one listed has a higher point cloud but that is just because it is a larger area covered. This has no effect on the sampling density, or does it?

Thank you!


  • Good Morning,

    In the layer statistics menu in your screenshots, you're looking at an average density over the entire dataset. Especially for broad area collections, that's probably not going to give you the info you need to QAQC different regions.

    Have you considered creating a grid and summarizing your data based on the grid's area features?

    You could take it a step further and do something like this to visualize point densities:

    And also summarize different point clouds, using it to identify which point cloud has the highest point density in a specific region (all of which could be done with scripting, I think):