Global Mapper v25.0

Understanding basis of GM Projects vs Data Layers within

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around how GM handles data files. I just went through the workflow below and would appreciate any comments.

  1. I created a catalog of many LAS and LAZ files
  2. Created a new rectangle to isolate my area of interest and exported the point cloud data within that rectangle to a new LAZ file.
  3. Opened my new LAZ file and used SHIFT to drop the entire cloud by 15cm
  4. I rename the layer in GM so that it includes "Shifted". But when I look at the metadata for this layer, I see that it still mentions the LAZ file I created.
  5. I export the data to a new LAZ file (scandata-shifted.laz), but the metadata still mentions the first file.

The system feels like it is misleading me. I would have at least expected the metadata to reflect that the file was shifted. Better yet would be some kind of "flag" on every layer that has been modified since imported.