Global Mapper v24.1

Loading Las - checking Las file with point formats 1-5 has classes over 31

I am hoping someone can simply explain to me the Bolded wording below which is taken from when I load a Las dataset:

I have a set of Las data that does not show a particular classification (#150 in my dataset) even if I select 'show all classifications' when loading the file. The data is not in my viewer and if I select the pixels and look under statistic classifications, #150 it is not listed.

However, if I click the option 'Las/Laz file with point format 1-5 classes over 31' then I see the data (#150 in this case) classified in my view.

In both instances I get the attached message before GM loads the data

Why can't I see the classified files unless I choose the bolded option above? Is the 150 classifications somehow embedded in the first 5 classifications - is that what this means?

Thank you!


  • It seems classifications disabled on the configuration screen configuration. Enable all and you won't see this message.