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REM suggestions

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I am very much appreciating the ability to create relative elevation models, and had a couple of suggestions:

1) Since you can only generate a REM on one line at a time, could you make the options window automatically populate the title line with the layer name of the line, like the Grid Creation Options box does:

2) I have a lot of streams that I want to run REMs on, and I was wondering if GM is going to make a scripting command for REM generation, like there is for generating watersheds and ridge lines, for example.

Thanks again for a great new feature!


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    JSL Global Mapper User Trusted User

    I very much appreciate the new REM functionality that populates the layer name in the Grid Creation Options and remembers the Advanced Options settings. Are there any plans to create REM generation scripting ability? I have lots of individual streams that I'd like to generate REMs for, and scripting would certainly make that faster.