Global Mapper v25.0

Exporting all area, line, and point styles to a single file


I have a few other coworkers now also using Global Mapper (v24.0) and would like to share my styles with them. This includes the Point Styles, Custom Symbols, Area Styles, and Line Styles under Configuration Styles. I see how to export a given style from the Vector Options pop-up, but I haven't seen how to export the entire "style set," if you will, and then import that into another user's installation. Being able to save these to our server and have all of us reference the external file would be ideal if possible, but even having them import all the styles in one file would be helpful.

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  • DerrickW
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    Sorry if you're already aware of this, but you know you can export all points/lines/area styles this way, right (right click in whtie space)?

    I know that doesn't get you 100% of the way there since this will be 3x individual files and doesn't include custom symbols, but just wanted to point this out at least, in case you hadn't found it yet.