Global Mapper v25.0

How do I export a screen capture from the 3D view using a script?

I have some lidar data over 1038 under water seeps I wish to capture via a script.

If I use EXPORT_RASTER, I just get the main plan view.

Is it possible to access the Screen Capture option (the camera icon) in the 3D view via a scrpit?





  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Trusted User

    Hi Ed,

    There's no way to do that that I know of. The 3D viewer isn't particularly scriptable at the moment: you can open it, and... well, that's about it. There is an existing ticket, GM-8476, for just this functionality, but it hasn't been scheduled yet. We'll post back here when it's available.

    Best regards,


  • Jeff,

    I know - I am pretty competent at scripting.

    As said I have 1038 underwater seeps each with Lidar of the water column. I want 3D views of each. etc.

    Cheers for getting back to me.