Global Mapper v25.0

Do Global Mapper scripts can download rester map from URL

I would like to create a script, which will create a set of Google Tiles from multiple input files.

At this moment we're downloading over 50 maps from a known URL. Those are coming in Tif or PDF format.

We predefined the shapefiles for cropping the maps, so I want to use them for "looping" the export. Though I'm thinking if there is a way for adding to the script also the download part.

If that's not possible, would you suggest any tool for that? Eg JDownloader?

The original maps are available on FAA website in the URL, where only the date would change: EG:

Will add that the Online source built in the GM doesn't display those maps, as something is broken, and additionally we rather be sure what is the actual edition of the chart we're using.

I'm looking for suggestions. :)