Global Mapper v25.0

New computer, random crash and slow response, troubleshooting

Thanks in advance for any responses!

I've got a user with a brand new PC (i9 12900k on an Asus board with AIO cooler, 128Gb DDR5, 2Tb Samsung 980 Pro, Nvidia Geforce 3080 12Gb), randomly crashing, and going not responding at odd moments. I've a copy of the log file, and the most recent collection of errors gives me a stack of " [WARNING] Count grid 16-bit overflow, recalculate with 32-bit count."

I've uninstalled the antivirus, updated bios, chipset, video, sata, and pretty much every other drive I could find, reinstalled v24 (build 101822), and I'm running out of dim ideas, much less bright ones. Can anyone shed some light on what I need to be focusing on? Or something that is in the specs with a "Known Issue" flag? The computer really never turns more than 50% processor, and that only spikes. Usually at 20% or less, and I've not seen more than 18Gb total memory used while I'm running the filters.

Please let me know what info might help, and any help is appreciated!!! thanks :)


  • When is it crashing - is it when they open the 3D viewer? You may need to send this in to technical support at

    Try opening task manager and end any processes with these names and see if the issue persists:

    • NahimicService.exe
    • NahimicSvc32.exe
    • NahimicSvc64.exe
    • SS2Svc32 (32bit)
    • SS2Svc64
    • SS2UILauncher(32bit)

  • Hi, and thanks. I got some time on the system yesterday (about 3 hours), and during the process of opening data files, and applying Lidar filters, color by Elevation, whether they are "thinned" to less than 3million points, or not (10 million points x 28 instances yesterday), I would get random "not responding" along the way, and hesitation of half a minute to 2 minutes before responding again, and moving on thru the process.

    The most common issue with during "auto-classification", and it would go thru what appeared to me to be each collection/file, and move to the next one, and at random, some time after about 3, or 5, or 8, of these files, it would go "not responding", and slowly start to increment the total points being processed. This step would run for several minutes, before at some point giving an error something like the following:

    • Error auto-classifying Lidar ground.
    • Assertion Failed
    • LidarClassify.cpp - 177
    • Version v24.0.0 (99) 64 bit
    • Build time Oct 18 2022
    • Thread: Main UI thread

    Stack Trace info (several lines)

    and then : Windows 10 Pro, 118,152,282,112 of 137,167,589,376 available, GDI usage 748 (peak 905) 193 user (peak 285).

    Some of this I grok, but some of it is beyond me. Does any of this help? I've got a call later with the tech group, I hope, but you never know where inspiration will come from :)

  • Ah. And twice yesterday, this little jewel was followed by a blue screen crash, one of which was with the software still open, and one was when it was closed.

  • That not ideal to say the least, but is a bit beyond what we troubleshoot on the forum. Please send that information to