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Geotiff reprojection from WGS84 to GRS80 ellipsoid shows no curvature

JohnW Global Mapper User

Looking to take this geotiff...

... & make it look like the images shown on the g16 full disk page here:

The geotiff loads fine, but when I reproject to GRS80, save .png with .prj data, unload all, then open the .png, I see no curvature on the latitudnal lines.

What's the trick to get this to work?


  • JohnW
    JohnW Global Mapper User

    Perhaps the better question would be, how to get GM to export a raster in the globe view with curvature of the earth?

    I need the exported projection to display spherically like the images below.

    The thumbnail on our ingest software shows the goes east view as GRS80.

  • JohnW
    JohnW Global Mapper User
    Answer ✓

    Got it... reprojected to Orthographic & specified central longitude & latitude for map center. It certainly wasn't GRS80.

  • JohnW
    JohnW Global Mapper User

    Of course... spoke too soon.

    The projection is not orthographic either. Needs to show curvature on both lat & lon grid lines. Tried Azimuthal Equidistant & Gnomonic... still can't get the fulldisk geotiff to rectify & match fulldisk jpeg downloads from star.nesdis site.

    Also tried some G16 netCDF files from here...

    Getting unsupported HDF5 dataset on open data with GM.

    Frustrating. Thanks NOAA... just need an geotiff example matching the projection shown in your image downloads.