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combination process not working

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I used the "Close gaps" process to reduce the gaps between two polygons, but when I then tried to combine them, one of the polygons disappeared:

Original polygons:

After selecting and combining:

Attached is a workspace with the two polygons.

Thanks for any help.


  • JeffH@BMG
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    Hi JSL,

    Looks like the blue polygon is problematic -- it seems to be self-intersecting in in a couple of places. In the first screen cap, they're located where the large blue dots are, on the underside of the blue polygon (not the one down by the red polygon):

    Here's a closeup of the one on the left:

    Here's the one on the right:

    Looks like Combine is dropping the invalid polygon, leaving only the red one. What version of Global Mapper are you running?

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  • JSL
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  • JSL
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    Answer ✓

    I ran all the polygons through the Fix Invalid Areas process until no invalid polygons were left, and then I was able to combine them.