Global Mapper v24.0

Possible layout bug in v24

Having an issue rendering parts of several vector layers when printing layouts to an image file such as jpeg.

I have a fairly simple A1 sized layout which besides a small title bar is largely taken up with a map element. The map element is comprised of a single raster overlain by several vector layers, but when I print to an image file parts of some vector layers are arbitrarily chopped off below a certain point. Interestingly this includes a polygon layer which loses part of its outline but retains its fill! Other vector layers with data in the same place render fine.

I've discovered that if I change the centre of the layout and/or scale I can get all data to render in the layout but this isn't ideal for my needs. Exporting the layout to a PDF at 300dpi seems to work okay but when I switch to 600dpi the issue returns. Doesn't matter what print service/driver I use.

As far as I can tell nothing in the layer order should be preventing the data from rendering when the layout is being exported.

Is this a bug or am I missing something really obvious?


  • A further observation is that only polyline and polygon outlines seem to be affected with the missing data always chopped off a consistent distance from the bottom of the layout.

  • Jon_B
    Jon_B Moderator, Trusted User

    I am trying to reproduce this and look into it. If you have an example you can share, that may help.

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