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E57 use selected projection for all selected files

Hi. When I create a map catalog with LAS files i get the check box at the bottom of the projection settings "use selected projection for all selected files"

When i try to bring in multiple E57s this check box isn't there. This would not be a huge problem except that the default projection information show in each box is not the project projection nor is it the default projection set in tools nor is it the last projection selected.

I am trying to bring in 150 E57s and the time it takes to set the projection for each file is prohibitive ( i can get around it by unifying elsewhere - but why should we need the extra step in someone else's software - i may as well just use that software for everything)


  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Trusted User


    This sounds like a reasonable thing to do when in this case. I've created a new issue, GM-14539, to handle this request, and we'll post back here when it's completed.

    Thanks for the suggestion, and best regards,


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    Thanks Jeff