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Setting elevation units to fathoms


I have acquired bathymetric data from NOAA, with elevations (depths, actually) in fathoms. Is there a way in Global Mapper to set the elevation units as fathoms (6 ft)? I see nautical distances units (NM/ft) under Config>General>Measure/Units, but no option anywhere for fathoms. Also, extremely helpful would be the option of importing as depths rather than heights (larger value = deeper ocean). I'm running v23.1 b021522.

Thanks in advance.



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    Hi David,

    I will add Fathoms as a built-in elevation unit.

    In the meantime, if you go to the Adjust Elevations tab of the Options dialog for the grid layer after loading it and set the scale factor to -6.0 and the units to Feet, then your fathoms will be converted to depth in feet.

    Once Fathoms is a built-in unit (in 24.0.x daily build in the next week or so), then just setting the scale to -1 with Fathoms as units would work.



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  • Thanks, Mike. Glad to see the quick response and the easy solution. It worked flawlessly! I'm just surprised that no one has asked about this before for it to be built in already.