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Line thickness scaling in Map Layout Editor Export

I have a drawn a line for a property boundary and when I export to geospatial pdf in Map Layout Editor it scales the line thickness so the line ends up very thin (Map Layout Editor scale is 1:40,000).

If I do it on one of our computers with version 22.1 it works fine and if I do it on the other with version 23 it scales the line thickness. I assume there is a setting somewhere that is different but I can't see any differences. Can anyone give me any tips on what setting I should be checking.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Jon_B
    Accepted Answer

    Hello AFG,

    Please try these two settings:

    first, change the check box when exporting a geo pdf "combine raster layers into a single pdf layer" and see if the result is what you like. I found the result to look pretty good for my test case.

    if not, uncheck that, and try the round radio button "split data and elements into separate pdf layers" and see if that one looks like what you want. This one gave a slightly thinner than above result.

    you can also try both at the same time, but I did not try that combination.

    Please let me know whether this helps!


  • Thanks jon,

    I tried the various combinations of those options. In the end the combination of having both the check box and radio button with ""combine raster layers into a single pdf layer" selected did the job. Of course I had tried all other possible combinations before getting to that one! Thanks again for your help.

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