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Create Points From Line/Area Vertices Wrong Place when projection is UTM (GM v22.1 b030821)


Create Points From Line/Area Vertices gives correct points when the projection is Geographic. However, when the projection is UTM, it gives wrong points although zone or everything is ok.

I use Global Mapper v22.1 b030821

Could you please check if it is a bug or not?

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  • bmg_mike
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    edited November 18

    I can confirm that creating points from selected area/line features when the display projection was different than the native projection of the layer was incorrect from at least v22.1 - v23.1. This was fixed in the v24.0 release.

    If you can't upgrade, the workaround is to either select the line/area layer as the layer to add the new points to on the dialog shown when creating the points, or to create the points before reprojecting.



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