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Show 3d view of obstructions in main view.

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I am working on an airport obstruction survey. I have the attached image viewing in 3d.

The green and purple areas are visual approach and primary surfaces and the red is where the ground obstructs them.

Is there a way to show this in the normal GM view where I can trace the ground obstruction outline?

The only way I can think of is to take a screenshot and manually rectify it back in as an image, but is this the best way?



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    You can do the following:

    Create a flatten surface from your vector data (visual approach) with a resolution of like 1m.

    It will create an elevation grid that follows the characteristics of the approach area.

    Load the terrain layer and the created elevation grid and do a Combine/Compare Terrain layers with Operation Keep First Value if Greater than Second. (DTM is your first value and approach second).

    The result will be another elevation grid but just in the areas where the terrain is penetrating the approach.

    From that you can create a shape or use it as it is.

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    Thank you! That is awesome! Worked great!

    GM does it again..... with some help here.