Global Mapper v24.0

12da format support

Thank you for adding 12da support to GM, this is amazing.

Can you provide any guidance about the format and entities supported?

For example, the default export from 12d seems to be text as UTF-16 LE BOM, but GM requires ASCII. Re-encoding to ANSI in Notepad++ fixes the issue, but the error is unexpected. Have I done something wrong?

With reference to attached sample files (from the 12d tutorial model): the boundary string imports fine, but the 'alignment' string doesn't. Similar behaviour when using IFC 4x1 instead of 12da. Please advise if you have a list of supported objects/entities.

For reference, I note the format seems to be defined here, but I assume only certain types are supported.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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  • YuriK
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    The current support of 12d is still basic and a kind of work-in-progress.

    Partial support for  UTF-16 was added recently, initial implementation of 'alignment' strings was added as well.

    The preview of the implementation should be available with daily 24.0.x builds.

    Kind regards



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