Global Mapper v24.0

Bad building representation at DTM


In terrain with a lot of vegetation, the creation of a DTM works well. But as soon as buildings are present, I always get a structure that just doesn't fit. The structure clearly reflects the heights of the building roof. The Lidar points were all classified as buildings and do not have a single ground point. How can I create a visually fitting DTM from this? I want a DTM, based on the ground points around the building, with no structure. Quite simply a straight surface. Even tutorials on Youtube or the documentation of the Global Mapper course I took do not address this. It is never shown how to create a terrain in an area with many buildings. Is this a known problem that does not currently work better? Or is there a tutorial I did not find?

Greetings schsan



  • Hello,

    Just for info but this happens also when using terrain painting tools if you first set parts to no data and then try and fill holes.

    I don't think it's related to the existing data but more about how it fills the empty spaces.

    Best regards

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