Global Mapper v24.0

Importing NetCDF from Model

Hi Dev and All,

I am looking for solution to conduct statistical operation and simple arithmetic operation with NetCDF files from a specific model.

My colleague (a Global Mapper user) tried to open some sample file (provided in the link below) and it seems Global Mapper does not work:

The following error message was received:

Unable to determine data dimension information

NetCDFOverlay.cpp - 1738

Version: v23.1.0 (88) (64-bit)

Build Time: Mar  3 2022 09:36:46

Thread: Main UI Thread

Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) Memory: 24,936,599,552 of 68,322,045,952 available, GDI Usage: 341 GDI (Peak 393), 144 User (Peak 187)

I wonder if such a NetCDF is in the capability of Global Mapper or should I look for some other solution. (Just want to be sure it can work before I request my company pay for another copy of license.)

For information, the NetCDF file typically start with layers that specify locations of grid points and grid edges, and then provide information of water quality data with respect to the ID of each grid points.

Thank you for any help.



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