Global Mapper v24.1

Multi-line subpath profile plot

Treebeard Global Mapper UserTrusted User

Is there a way to draw a multi-segment sub path in the profile view? It seems I can only draw one segment. I am trying to export a multipart line segment from the profile view with the subpath vertices (that I then want to buffer and create a grid). The figure below shows an example of what I am trying to do.


  • Hi Treebeard,

    Not sure if this below is what you are trying to do?

    If so, what I do is almost what you suggest in your question above, with the following simplified workflow:

    1. Select design centerline and modify vertex elevations to suit the required design.
    2. Buffer the design centerline at say 1 m along both sides with rectangular ends.
    3. Create Terrain of buffered centerline (shown in red below).
    4. Re-select design centerline and re-profile using Analysis/Measurement tool to get profile shown above. You can place your "buffer terrain" above or below the ground surface depending on how you want to show cut and fill.

    Hope that helps.