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perpendicular lines tied to centerline profile elevation

Treebeard Global Mapper UserTrusted User

Is there a way to pin perpendicular sections to the centerline elevation? I am trying to establish a swath width of perpendiculars that horizontally extend from the main profile, at the profile elevation. The first figure is the profile and the second figure is meant to show a "level" section pinned to the profile elevation.

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  • CarrickCon
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    Hi Treebeard.

    I'm not sure if I understand your question entirely. I think you are asking if GM can cut cross-sections along a sloping design profile line? If so, the answer is yes, as shown by screen grabs below.

    The simplified workflow is as follows:

    1. Create your design profile or line with design elevations.
    2. Buffer it at required width (50 m in examples below).
    3. Select buffer area and create flattened terrain from selected area (as shown in Screengrab No. 1 below).
    4. Select your design profile line and create "Perpendicular Profiles" i.e. cross-sections form the Path Profile Settings toolbox at required spacings (25 m spacings below) and required swath widths (80 m width in example below).

    You can then toggle backwards and forward along design line using the left and right arrow buttons on the profile box header. I've shown cross-section for Chainage 0 m, 25 m and 50 m below...

    Let me know if this answers your question or if you need further help.



    Screengrab No. 1 - Plan & Longitudinal Profile:

    Screengrab No. 2 - Ch 0m: Plan and Cross-Section

    Screengrab No. 3 - Ch 25m: Plan and Cross-Section

    Screengrab No. 4 - Ch 50m: Plan and Cross-Section

    Etc. Etc.

  • Treebeard
    Treebeard Global Mapper User
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    Perfect! Thanks so much for the workflow!


  • Treebeard
    Treebeard Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Perfect! Thanks so much for the workflow!

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