Global Mapper v24.0

Shading visualization in 3D


It would be great to be able to see shadows projected by 3D objects depending on the sun angle.

This would require to be able to show it in 3D (maybe a 2D visualization as a eagle view would be nice too) and being able to set the sun position using date and hour input.

Would this be possible?

Best regards


  • Hello, just a bump.

  • Hi Michele,

    I'm assuming you already know about GM's "Dynamic Hill Shading" tool (see below)?

    There are also helpful videos and resources on the topic at the

    and here:



  • Hi,

    Thank you for the response.

    I already know about hill shading but what I meant was the shading produced by 3 features that could be buildings or others.

    It could be great if these features could produce and receive shadows in the 3d view.

    Best regards

  • Yep, no worries Michele. I thought that you could use "combine maximum surfaces" (topo + building) to make a single surface that you could then apply the dynamic hill shader to, but I just tried it and it doesn't work. Hmm...



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