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Pixels to Points Tool not working

nlabedzki Global Mapper User

Has anyone every experienced the Pixels to Points Tool not working when you select the icon? When I select the icon (tool) nothing happens. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!



  • nlabedzki
    nlabedzki Global Mapper User

    I submitted an email to GM tech support and they suggested that I uninstall and reinstall the latest build. Here's a brief guide from tech support:

    "Is only Pixels to Point button not working, or other tools for LiDAR too? If only the Pixels to Points is not working, it might be due to registry issue. Can you do a clean uninstall and install the daily build for 24? 

    You can follow the steps below. 


    Quick Clean Install Instructions:


    • From the Control Panel, uninstall Global Mapper.
    • Delete your AppData, typically found at C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\GlobalMapper
    • Search in the Start menu, for "regedit"
    • Open that program. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/GlobalMapper. 
    • Right click on that folder and select delete. 
    • Go ahead and download the daily build of Global Mapper 24

    Global Mapper 24 daily build:



    Full Clean Uninstall of Global Mapper


    Please keep in mind that you will lose many custom settings like custom symbols, custom online sources, and toolbar configurations for all GM versions on this machine.

    If you have a single user license for Global Mapper and/or Pro, we will want to make sure to back up your license files. I would recommend saving them to your desktop, or another safe location, temporarily. If you have a dongle or network license, that backup is not necessary as the uninstall won't remove the license from the dongle or the network licensing tools. The license files can be found in the following locations:

    Global Mapper License Location: C:\ProgramData\GlobalMapper\GlobalMapperXX\GlobalMapper.lic

    PRO Module License Location:  C:\ProgramData\GlobalMapper\PROXX\PRO.lic

    Once you have made a copy of any licenses, use Windows Add & Remove Programs to uninstall Global Mapper. Once that process completes, you'll want to ensure that the following three directories have also been deleted. If not, delete them manually:

    1) C:\ProgramData\GlobalMapper - *The program data folder is a hidden folder. If it is hidden, right-click on the Start button and click Search and search for "Show hidden folders". When it appears in the search, click on it. In the next window, look for the option "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" and select it and click OK.

    2) C:\Program Files\GlobalMapperXX_64bit

    3) C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\GlobalMapper - *Note if you have any saved custom settings, such as shaders, online sources, etc., you may want to back up this directory to reload those at a later time.

    4) Open the registry editor, search regedit in the Start Menu or search bar, and delete the following registry key: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Global Mapper

    At this time, the application should be fully uninstalled from your machine


    After you have completely uninstalled Global Mapper with the steps above, please download and install the daily build from the link below. 



    To license again with your saved license, select Offline Activation then > Select the Select a License (.lic) File Provided via Email option. Browse to where you saved the Global Mapper license file and open it. Click Continue, and the License Manager will pop up, make sure the box next to Global Mapper is checked. "