Global Mapper v25.0

Path profile reverse


I'm making path profile plots along complex line over terrain. Working fine except for a minor but irritating detail: the plots are drawn in the wrong direction. How do I reverse the x-axis in the path profile plot? I know I can simply click along the line in the right direction, but since the line is complex doing this would take too much time.

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  • Hi Erik,

    Sorry, its not clear from your question if you are wanting to reverse a long section/longitudinal profile or cross-sections drawn at 90deg to the profile?

    If you simply want to reverse the long section then select your profile line, right click and select "Vertex Editing" and then "Reverse Order of Vertices of Selected Line", as shown by two screen grabs below:

    1) Section Left to right = low ground to high ground:

    2) Section Left to right = high ground to low ground (same profile line after reversing vertices):

    However, if you are talking about cross-sections (or in Global Mapper speak "Perpendicular Profiles") then these display left to right as you are looking "up chainage" or in the direction of travel if that makes sense? See screen grab below for a cross-section taken 150 m along the line looking left to right in direction of travel:

    There is no way (or reason?) that I know of to reverse the cross-section view other than left to right in the direction of travel.

    Hope this helps. Please re-post if unclear.



  • Thanks! This answered my question! I figured that there was a way to do it but I was looking in the wrong menues.

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