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How to combine Layers?

Hello, I am new to Global Mapper and will probably post many questions that have simple solutions that I have not yet resolved... so please forgive me if my questions sound a little dumb! ☺️

I have a series of GeoTiffs (of the same geological surface) loaded as separate layers. These GeoTiffs do not overlap geographically. Can I combine the GeoTiffs into a Single layer for that particular surface? If so... how?

Any hep for this beginner would be appreciated.



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    All that you need to do is load all of the input GeoTiffs, then use the File -> Export -> Export Elevation Data menu command to export a new GeoTiff (or whatever format) elevation file. The data will be merged into a single output file within the bounds that you specify on the Export Bounds tab of the export options dialog. By default, all data will be combined.

    Where data overlaps, the exported file will use the value from the top-most layer.



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  • Thank you Sir! That was most kind and very helpful. It worked perfectly 😊,

    Best wishes,