Global Mapper v25.0

How to create an extension inside the Global Mapper?

I'm new at programming but I'm familiar with

My goal is to add or create a customize button inside the global mapper that interact with the data loaded. It's just like an extension like the COAST and BRIDGE extension.

The program that I creating is only run outside the Global Mapper. This not my goal.

My Question are:

Where to start?

What do I need to download?

I try to search on how to develop an extension and try to find any guide or tutorial but I cant find one. Hopefully I can find an answer here.


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    Global Mapper extensions are created using the Global Mapper SDK API and some special extension specific calls. To get set up, you would need to contact about creating an extension. The extensions are based on MFC extension DLLs, so you wouldn't be able to use VB.NET for all of it.

    Starting with Global Mapper Pro v23.1, you can also run Python scripts in Global Mapper that access the Global Mapper SDK API. The Python script can open its own UI elements and interact with Global Mapper. While it isn't exactly the same as an extension in that you can't add new menus or toolbars directly to the GM interface, it gets you pretty close.

    You can find out more about Python in Global Mapper at .



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