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Extract max (or min) of a polygon

Hi all.

I am going to extract the max height of each building in a residential zone. I have the shapefile of the zone as area feature.

Can anyone help how to do it using GM.



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    You need to load your DSM elevation grid, select the polygons, right click and use this:

    From the generated attributes, maximum elevation is MAX_ELEV_M

    For the minim you need to load the DTM elevation grid and do the same only keep MIN_ELEV_M.

  • amohamadian
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    Thanks a lot. Very much appreciated.

    It is a very useful way. I used it, and it is really helpful.

    I also used this way to assign the maximum and minimum heights of the flood that each building (Area-shape) experiences.

    The DEM of the flood-map (tif file) is loaded as topography, and the procedure is followed. GM also offers to generate the MIN and MAX heights as the new point features, which is an advantage.