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Distances of points from a reference point

I have a set of points (interested points) at the downstream of a dam-spillway (reference point). Can GM automatically calculate the distances of the interested points from the reference point?


  • amohamadian
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    I could do it using table properties of the shapefile. Put X and Y values in an spreadsheet and apply following formula:

    C2=SQRT((A2-A$1)^2+(B2-B$2)^2) in which A1 and B1 are X and Y coordinates of the reference point and A2 (to An) and B2 (to Bn) are the coordinates of the interested points. C2 is the distance of the first interested point (A2, and B2) and so on.

  • 946
    946 Global Mapper User Trusted User
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    Or you can try like this:

    1. Select your reference points and use that to create whisker lines at an offset of 1cm. (in the example I used 10cm)

    2- Select the line and the other points and use this:


    The process will create an attribute, DIST_FROM_LINE, for each white point.

  • amohamadian
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    Perfect. I tried it, and it worked. Very easy and fast way inside the model. Thank you.

  • hennie
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    Thank you! This was a very informative answer.