Global Mapper v25.0

calculating and exporting elevation-area data from an elevation grid

Hi all,

I have an elevation grid that represents a mine void surface. It is up to 400 m deep and I need to calculate the area of the surface at 1 m elevation increments. I have contoured the grid at 1 m intervals, and then I have split this vector file result by the elevation attribute into individual files for each 1 m elevation. But the area of the horizontal slices is part of the file info dialog, not part of the file that could be exported into text. Is there a way of getting Global Mapper to export all the areas of the 1 m 'horizontal slices' in a .txt or .csv format that I could easily copy and use elsewhere.

thank you for considering this question.


  • OK, I think I have answered my own question so thought I would post it in case it helps answer a future similar query.

    When 'creating contours' I made sure I did not choose the append unit labels to elevation labels. I then selected the resultant contours and selected 'create areas from line' command. After that I ran 'create layer statistics report' and chose option of grouping by elevation, then all the enclosed areas were exported out to a .csv file.


  • CarrickCon
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    Hi Oztodd,

    Another, perhaps simpler, way to do it might be just to create an area of out your uppermost closed contour line, select it and then use the "Calculate Cut and Fill" tool to calculate cut and fill volumes (and areas) at 1 m intervals over the full height of your pit shell as shown below. These can then be copied via clipboard to Excel or whatever.



  • many thanks CarrickCon......faster and easier on a computer is always the best solution