Global Mapper v25.0

Create a path profile from an existing line

I haven't been able to work out how to create a path from an existing vector. I have a dtm and some pipelines (vector shape files), and want to see the profile as it is designed. The only way I can get a profile is if I manually click a path - which is what the video tutorials show. Is GM able to do this?


  • Yes, select the line(s), right click, Analysis/Measurement, PATH PROFILE - generate path along line(s)..

  • Thanks for the reply. Path Profile isn't an available for me when I right click the selected line and click Analysis/Measurement. The closest is to apply elevations to selected features - which runs, but doesn't seem to do anything.

    Maybe because I am using the trial? I am using: Global Mapper Pro v23.1.0 (b030322) (88) [64-bit]- REGISTERED on Windows 11 if that helps.

  • Not sure what I was doing wrong initially, but your answer got me there.