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Lidar point Cloud not showing in 3D Viewer - 23.1

When I select lidar las point cloud it doesn't show in the 3D viewer. I did an install of yesterday daily build but still same issue. I have an older version of GM 20.1 and when I open the same data set it works fine.

Anyone having same issue?


  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Trusted User

    Hi jcampen,

    I just checked a Lidar file with a very recent 23.1 build (from 6/7/22, and which contains all recent changes), and the 3D looked fine. Your best bet for something like this is to contact Blue Marble support at for further assistance. They may ask you to supply a sample of the problematic data.

    Hope that this helps,


  • Thanks for you help Jeff. As mentioned I have checked the data by opening it in GM 20.0.01 on the same machine and it works fine. The later GM vr I have is 23.1 built 6/9/22 which I just updated yesterday hoping it would fix this issue , but it hasn't. See below. So seem the issue is not the data but the version.