Global Mapper v24.0

Receive error when trying to use USGS 3DEP Elevation as online data source

I am running Global Mapper 21.0. on Windows 7. When I try using USGS 3DEP Elevation (supercedes NED) as an online data source, I receive a message that states "Error downloading file" and "Error accessing URL". This happens on multiple Windows 7 machines running either Global Mapper 21.0 or 23.0. Other data sources work properly on these same machines running Windows 7. Also, I can successfully use the USGS 3DEP Elevation on Windows 10 machines that are running Global Mapper 23.0. I realize that these version 21.0 and 23.0.1 of Global Mapper are for Windows 10, but we are hoping that there is something that we can do to get 3DEP to work on Windows 7. Any ideas?

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