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How to draw points/lines/areas on point clouds

Hunter Geophysics
Hunter Geophysics Global Mapper UserTrusted User

I've been using GM for over a decade, but purely in 2D.

I've just bought a Z&F 5010C (tripod-mounted) laser scanner in the hopes I'll be able to speed up field data collection (I have previously been creating site maps using an RTK GNSS receiver or a robotic total station).

I need to take multiple scans along a street and, for example, draw onto the point cloud the outlines of footpaths/sidewalks, fences, street signs, tree trunks, etc.

So far, I've been using a demo of AutoCAD ReCap to register and georeference the scans into one big point cloud.

Can the current version of GM (or GM Pro) draw things onto point clouds?

I had a demo of GM Pro about six weeks ago, but I caught COVID and my demo ended and I didn't really get a chance to try it out, sadly...

Thanks in advance.

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