Global Mapper Pro

3D digitizer snaps to edge of DEM

Every time I try to draw breaklines in the 3D window with the digitizer tool, it tries to snap to the edge of the DEM loaded. CONSTANTLY. It's totally random as well. Some times it works great. Sometimes it's totally unusable. Sometimes zooming differently fixes it. But at all times there's a chance that when I click to place another vertex, it just might snap to the edge of the DEM some 1000 feet away... See the attached GIF of a recent project where it's being impossible. I'm running global mapper 23 pro on windows 11, however the same behavior was exhibited in global mapper 20 on a windows 10 machine that I used to use. Snapping is turned off. I tried to upload a screen cast, but this website rejects every single gif I try to upload, error request failed with status code 400. So, see screen cast here: breakline snapping.gif

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