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Improper Character Handling - Attribute Table

tfitz2001 Global Mapper UserTrusted User

Been an issue in some form for several versions. GM is unable to handle some language characters when importing / copying attributes from one layer to another, perhaps an improper UTF-8 handling. This time the language is French and the importation of the characters: é, à, è, ù, â, ê, î, ô.

These characters can be viewed normally when importing a shapefile:

However, copying these attributes to another layer results in significant errors, in this case, every French accent is read as an error.

Export carries the errors out to the resulting file, requiring significant post-processing work.


  • tfitz2001
    tfitz2001 Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Failed to mention... x64 GM v23.1 (b030322) running on a Win 10 system

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