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How do I keep my custom point, line and polygon types.

ksilwp Global Mapper User

After a computer crash I have re-loaded a clean copy of Global mapper on my new PC but all of my custom point, line and polygon types are not there, nor my data sources? Is there some way to retrieve them? I do have access to my old drive so can retrieve files from the Program files directory.


  • hennie
    hennie Global Mapper User Trusted User

    This is where mine is situated:


  • bmg_mike
    bmg_mike Global Mapper Guru Moderator, Trusted User

    If you can run Global Mapper on the old machine (even a trial version), then go to the General -> Advanced tab of the Configuration dialog, your User Data folder is listed at the top. You can copy everything from there to wherever your user data folder is listed at on the new machine.

    Also note that under the Help menu there are commands to Export and Import your user settings (including custom types) to make it easy to move them to a new machine (or just back them up).



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