Global Mapper v25.0

GMv23.1 PRO - Map Layout Editor - Text Element - Text Does not Align to Right As Expected

When Using Text Element in Map Layout Editor and Setting Justification to Right the texts moves to right but does not align with Right Edge, see attached image for example


  • CarrickCon
    Answer ✓

    HI @MBeach,

    I was unable to recreate your problem and right, centre and left justification seems to be working fine in V23 as shown in screengrab below.

    When typing your text, did you type it as a single continuous string without any hard returns? Hard returns mess with the justification, so that might be the problem.



  • MBeach
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    Thanks for the suggestion!

    You are correct this did not happen if no "hard Returns" were made.

    I was Contacted by a gentleman with GM Support that directed me to the daily build download center. After updating to the most current daily build this now works properly even with hard returns. see link below

  • FYI

    these daily builds are not a official release and may be a use at your own risk sort of thing