Global Mapper v24.0

Is it possible to add slope in degrees and slope direction attributes to point cloud data.

We are creating slope maps for golf courses and uploading them on cesium. But we would like to load a slope map showing direction arrows and slope values in degrees. That is achievable but what l am not sure of is to add these slope attributes to the point cloud points we have sampled as possible hole positions. We want to be able to click on the point cloud in cesium and see those attributes. So the main issue is to assign those slope attributes to the point cloud is this possible with global mapper?


  • I am not familiar with Cesium, but typically if I wanted to Explore / Review / Edit slope and elevation data I would create a DEM from the point cloud. Spatial Operations using DEMs seem to give much more analysis options. maybe could load a DEM and point cloud into cesium using point cloud for visual and DEM for Data.

    From my experience in Global Mapper you can only do Lidar / Point Cloud operations on Point Cloud Data and they do not operate the same as a normal "point" for analysis / attribute functions.

    as a mentioned I do not know Cesium but maybe this will give you some different ideas.

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