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what is involved with a floating single licence how seamless is it working from computer to another and what does it cost to upgrade from a single node


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    I got one during COVID because I was moving from one location to another. It works perfectly. When I'm ready to leave one location, I click "Help"->License Manager->"Release":

    Then when I go to my new location, I download the most recent version from the website, and follow the instructions on the screen to input my order number.

    From the website, I see that the standalone floating license costs $899 as opposed to $599 for a single license. You'd have to contact them to find out about whether you can add it to an existing license for a discount. I also pay about $360 a year for maintenance and support, which has been very helpful, because a couple of times I've forgotten to release a version when I'm moving, and when I contacted support, they were able to release it for me because I pay the annual maintenance fee.