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Export attributes from various layers to points in a point layer

I'm compiling a database of boreholes from various sources. One source being GIS data. I have a point layer containing the boreholes, then various raster and vector layers. How do I export the data from the other layers to each point in the borehole layer to subsequently have a text file with data pertaining to each borehole? I'm struggle to word out this question, so I made a graphic which will hopefully explain what I am trying to achieve.

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    I would do like this:

    First I would vectorize the landcover layer and assign attributes to polygons just created according to your legend and colors.

    Like this the information would be in Polygon layer in the same.

    In my example you can see 4 polygon layers each with it s own attribute, a polygon layer with landcover data and a dem layer for elevation data.

    Load all your data, select the point/points and do like this:

    Now, to add the elevation attribute select your point and do like this:

    In this moment your point has all the attributes from your layers and you can export it as .csv or .shp or what you need.

    The advantage is that you can do this for all your points once.

    All the best!