Global Mapper v24.1

Calculate volumes at terrain with high slope


I am trying to calculate the volume to fill a depression in the terrain. All tutorials from Global Mapper only show how to calculate a volume of a depression where the polygon is, for example, a uniform contour line that has been converted to a polygon. In my case, the vertices of the polygon are at a different height. When I look at the polygon in 3D mode, I see that it is placed directly above the ground. If I now calculate the volume, I get the same result with "Cut and Fill" and "Pile Volume". However, this result is almost certainly too little. Is there a better solution for this or have I made a mistake in the execution?




  • If i understand correctly, each vertice of the polygon is at the elevation of the natural ground, so its variable. If so, just generate an elevation grid from this polygon (note the grid spacing if you dont get the resolution you need). This will generate a variable surface that you can use as part of the measure volume between surfaces. You need to obviously have the natural ground surface with the depresion as a surface too.