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Incomplete Flattened Site Plan


I love the terrain modelling capabilities of GM (V23)!

However, sometimes an incomplete surface is created as shown below. It usually happens when I have a complex shape with many vertices that I'm using to create the "flattened site plan", but in the case below the shape (magenta line) only has 6 vertices.

What is happening and are there any workarounds?




  • I'm re-posting as I didn't hear from anyone before...

    This problem continues to annoy me. Typically the incomplete render surface is on "internal" slopes, rather than external ones.

    Any and all suggestions appreciated.



  • G'day GM'ers,

    I'm re-re-posting this as my frustration levels are reaching epic proportions! I'm still getting this incomplete "flattened site plan" problem even with GM v25.0...

    As shown below I'm designing a channel cut through the topography with 45 degree cut slopes along both sides but, as usual GM has only cut and rendered the outside (RHS) slope and the inside (LHS) slope is just a vertical line. In the plan you can see the "jagged" rendering of where GM has tried to cut the other slope, but it is inconsistent.

    This happens so frequently with me that I'm sure other people have had similar issues.

    Any thoughts gratefully appreciated!



  • bmg_mike
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    Hi Al,

    Can you send some data illustrating the problem to . If we can reproduce the issue we can hopefully fix whatever is happening.



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  • Thanks Mike.

    I just sent a long winded message to geohelp along with screengrabs of typical workflow and .gmw and .gmp of example workspace.



  • I am also having this kind of issue. Please keep us updated.