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Attribute Naming Setup - Why isn't Feature Name an Attribute?

Hi There,

I'm probably missing something here, but is there a reason why <Feature Name> is not a selection option under Multiple Attribute selection dialogue box? Or is there a workaround to include <Feature Name> when selecting multiple attributes?

I'd be the first to admit that I struggle with the labelling procedures in GM, but to me the ability to include <Feature Name> when selecting multiple attributes seems like a pretty fundamental requirement. The closest I can see in the existing picklist is <Index in Layer> as shown below.

Just to be clear this is a problem when you have multiple features, shapes, catchments, parcels, whatever in the one layer. The "Use Feature Name" allows you to display only the name of each feature, but if you want a second or third attribute, I can't see how you can do it?

Maybe I'm missing something here - I sure hope I am.



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