Global Mapper v24.1

geoTIFF elevation no-data value

Boyd Global Mapper UserTrusted User

In the GeoTIFF export menu for elevation data there's a box named "ADVANCED: Elevation No-Data Value" and I believe the default is -32767. I found that this generated an error when I tried to import a geoTIFF into the Mapbox rasterio program and the only value that worked was 0 (zero).

Am now trying to troubleshoot an issue and am suspicious that this could be the cause. Files exported from qGIS have a no-data value of null which appears to be treated differently from a value of 0.

Is it possible to set no-data to null in Globalmapper 23? If I enter the word null or none in the box, Globalmapper says I must enter a number. If I leave the box empty, that gives the same error.