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How to extracting X & Y (View Proj)

alaint Global Mapper User

I created a polyline in Global Mapper and selected the feature vertex list to visualize the coordinated. I selected the Copy to Clipboard button and paste the data in Excel. I was able to view the data in the following format:

I tried to recreate this extraction with no success. Can someone show me what I need to do to create the last two columns. (View Proj) & Y(View Proj)


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  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer
    Accepted Answer

    Hi aliant,

    As best I can tell, those columns only appear if the feature's layer has been reprojected in Global Mapper. So it sounds like your first example was reprojected, but yoru second example was not.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,


  • alaint
    alaint Global Mapper User
    Accepted Answer

    It works. Thanks Jeff.

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