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Increase viewable width of Map Element Control Centre - Element Properties Dialogue Box

Hi there,

The improvement of the Map Layout Editor over the last few versions of GM has been brilliant! I love that I can now "link" workspace layers to each figure rather than having to recreate every figure over again when making revisions/updating.

One small peeve that I have however is that the viewable width of the Element Properties dialogue box is not wide enough to permit the selection of layers within "groups" as shown by first dozen or so layers in screen grab below (its even worse if you have a couple of layers of grouping!).

I've tried "grabbing" the RHS of the box with my mouse to stretch it out, but sadly to no avail.

If you could please address this in future versions of GM that would be awesome.



P.S. I note that the Filter Layers box can now be dragged out (see second screen grab below) which is most helpful.

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