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Singe key digitizing shortcuts Split, Combine & Extend

It would be very useful to have simple single key shortcuts for existing Split and Combine, and new Combine/Extend.

1. The first scenario would apply to basic digitizing functions of existing lines or areas.

First a quick mouse selection of the two vertices or vertex, then simply tapping the S or C key as needed.

No further positioning of the mouse, or needing to select the shift key, or right click menu trees or moving up and down from the tool bar.

It may not sound much but when picking through and tidying up rats nests of raw data it would make the work significantly easier.

If a line was closed by the join it becomes an polygon area.

2. A second scenario applies to additional functionality for Extending, or Combining a new line to, an existing line. This could also be where two lines need to be combined, but not in a straight line and requires additional vertices.

So the vertex at the end of the existing line is first selected, then the C/E key is pressed prior the first vertex being drawn and so informs the digitizing tool that this is now an extension, and the Create Line/Vertex/Trace/Area tool picks up the selected vertex and continues that line on from there. Just like you were in the process of drawing the original line in the first place.

At the end if the C key is pressed again prior to the next/last vertex, it would then combine with the end vertex of any other line within range. And if it's the same line it becomes a polygon/area.

I currently have another application that does all of this kind of editing very efficiently but rather than exporting the data back & forth between the two it would be good to be able to do everything in GM.

The S, C & E keys don’t seem to do anything else in these circumstances so would be logical choices.

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