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Can't change e-mail address

Boyd Global Mapper UserTrusted User

I edited my profile and entered my new e-mail address. The forum software asks for my password, which I enter. I then get a 403 forbidden error.

Is this some kind of known issue? I no longer use the e-mail address currently associated with my account here and would like to change it. Also, I don't see any way to change my password, which I'd also like to do.

Best Answer

  • bmg_mike
    bmg_mike Global Mapper Guru
    Accepted Answer

    Our IT folks have updated the firewall so you should now be able to update your email address. The link to change your password is on the right side of the Edit Profile page.


  • Boyd
    Boyd Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Thanks, the e-mail change works now. Don't know why I didn't notice the password link before - all good now!

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